Research Reports on Current, Emerging and
Future Technologies and Management

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Welcome to EPROINDIA E-Publishing
services!!! Our publishing platform is not just a
number of priced research reports but a whole
dimension of technology and management
roadmaps that can benefit our esteemed
customers to effectively enable their businesses
on technology systems & processes.
EPROINDIA has been engaged with a number
of seasoned industry professionals in Global IT,
Telecommunications, Information Security,
Business Software Applications and Quality
Management markets. The engagements have
resulted in successful implementation of
projects for our esteemed customers globally
and new projects are signed regularly.
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Given the vast domain knowledge and
experience of the professionals accessible to
EPROINDIA knowledge management system,
we hereby present our E-Publishing platform
for the benefit of our customers across the
world in our domains of operations. Our
researches are published by world class report
publishing companies that have entered into
strategic engagements with EPROINDIA to
ensure that customers at every part of the
world can avail the benefits of our research
reports. Please also visit our free articles
pertaining to Master and Doctorate Research
Projects on the following:

(A) Modern practices in IT Security, IT
Services and IT Governance Frameworks
comprise details of research opportunities in
the areas of COBIT, ITIL, ISO 27001, ISO 27002,
ISO 27005 and other related best
(B)Modern practices in Virtualisation and
Cloud Computing
that comprise details of
research opportunities in the changing
landscape of IT Infrastructure and Services in
the world, and the details of Cloud Computing
and Virtualisation Security
(C) Modern practices in Applied Wireless
Communications Engineering
that comprise
details of research opportunities in the
changing landscape of wireless
communications engineering.
(D) Modern practices in IT and Information
Risk Management
that comprise details of how
IT and Information Risks are assessed and
(E) Modern practices in Supply Chain
Management with Inventory, Procurement
and Distribution Managemen
t that comprise
details of research opportunities in latest
challenges in supply chain and logistics
(F) Multivariate Statistical Modelling and

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