Privacy and Refund Policy

Privacy Policy:

EPRO INDIA, integral part of ETCO INDIA, is a group of professionals that operate as business associates and not just employees.
All the business associates have executed non-disclosure agreements with the firm with the commitment that all the information
related to the business and customers shall be kept confidential. In addition, EPRO INDIA enters into non-disclosure agreements
with all corporate clients. All the terms of such Non-disclosure agreements are applicable and binding upon EPRO INDIA.
In this context, EPRO INDIA has not declared the names of customers on this site as per requirement of the non-disclosure agreements.

For the retail customers who may not sign an NDA with EPRO INDIA, it is hereby declared that:

(a) All the details of such customers, including personal and business details, captured by EPRO INDIA shall be kept highly
confidential and will not be declared to anyone outside the organisation except for situations requiring co-operation with the
investigation agencies of the Government of India.
(b) Such details shall be stored on highly secured computer systems employing modern security controls.
(c) The objective of keeping customer details is to comply with the "Know Your Customer" norms of the Government of India
as required by Anti-Money laundering, Anti-terrorism and such other policies.
(d) It is hereby declared that EPRO INDIA includes the details of the customers in the accounting statements which in turn are
audited by a certified chartered accountant. This is done in accordance with laws and regulations applicable in India and
against a non-disclosure agreement signed between EPRO INDIA and the chosen chartered accountant(s).

Refund Policy:

If the customer is able to justify and prove that the content of our consulting documents and research papers are plagiarised,
then we shall return the amount paid by the customer in full within 15 days of presentation of such claim and validation by
using industry standard plagiarism detection tools.

The refund claims can be made to Sourabh Kishore who can be contacted at +91 98105 60356 and sourabh@eproindia.comm. All
refund claims should be substantiated by reports of industry standard tools.

In addition to this policy, other terms of refund shall be agreed in the Master Services Agreement signed between EPRO
INDIA and the Customer.

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